Filament Buildup around nozzle



Help, I’ve melted my nozzle, how do I clean this up?

With the Creality CR-10 and any 3d printer, this happens sometimes. We’ve all done it and it’s a pretty simple fix.


First, just heat it back up.  210-220 should do it.  Since I have a all metal hot end,  I heated my hot end up to ~250, most of it came right off. Heat gun/paper towel on the rest. Watch the burns; but they do heal fast.

Be extra careful with the wires, they don’t take much to break. A soldering iron would do well for localized heat if you can’t get other methods to work.

Another caveat: It appears your tube is stock. If you take it to 250 degrees, you’ll probably be replacing it and a all metal heatbreak. This is how mine died.

After you get it all cleaned up, you’re going to want to replace the cotton insulation and tape. (note, some have not replaced it and it worked, but others didn’t and Those can be found here:

This is the insulation:

This is the tape:

If you melt your parts:

I believe this is your all metal heatbreak upgrade:

And the tube replacement: Capricorn tubes:

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