Brad’s Corner

Hello World!

I’m just now bringing this site online.    It will consist of tutorials, plans, reviews and other musings related to my growing collection of hobbies.

For as long as I can recall, I have tinkered with electronics and built things.  I successfully ran Bedellracing out of my garage for a decade before I decided to use my CS degree to earn a living.   I may resurrect the Bedellracing site for archival use, but the information is pretty obsolete now.

I own a manual mill and successfully did a DRO install as well as adapted it to ballscrews. But I quickly learned that it needed more work than I wanted to put into it.      I still have it and still use it to build new things.      But I knew there was a better way than conceptualizing something in my head and creating it on the mill.       I’ve never dedicated the time to learn machining and 3d modeling.     In early 2017, I purchased my first CNC router.  A Next Wave automation Piranha to get started.    I built a few things on it but quickly realized I needed to upgrade.   I picked up a used CNC Shark on Craigs list, but again, still wasn’t the tool for the job.    I started building my own.

In October 2017, I picked up my first 3d printer. A Creality CR-10.   Updated it, and am in the process of piecing together a custom 3d printer.  More details on that later.

I’m just now starting to document my projects on You Tube to help and encourage others who maybe thinking about CNC build, conversion or 3d printing.

Youtube has helped me a great deal and I try to support others with affiliate links If my site helps you, please utilize my affiliate links.

Here is a link to my youtube site:  Brad’s Corner.

Stay curious,  Brad